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Family law sometimes requires support from non-biological dads

To be a father to a child is not the same as fathering a child. One does not need to be a biological parent to enjoy a loving, parental relationship with a child. However, when the relationship with the mother ends, what family law requirements are there of a non-biological dad to pay child support? A British Columbia mom recently found out one possible answer to that question.

Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights To Their Grandchildren?

When a couple separates and divorces, extended family members are often affected by the change in the couple’s status. If a couple have children, the grandparents’ right to have access to their grandchildren can become an issue.

How Is Pet Ownership Determined After Separation?

Separation is never easy on families, but it can get even tougher when it involves their pets. Many couples consider pets valued members of the family and their owners often have a strong attachment to them. So, when a couple decide to split, the parties may have difficulty determining ownership of the pet.

Can I Take My Child Out Of The Province For Travel?

In cases where parents are separated or divorced, one parent may want to take a trip with the child where the other parent or guardian is not present. To avoid delays and complications, such parents must be aware of their rights and responsibilities before traveling with children.

Marriage And Cohabitation Agreements – What Can They Include?

In our last post, we talked about three legal fundamentals concerning marriage and cohabitation agreements – including contract terms that are not enforceable. In this week’s post, we discuss the kinds of issues that spouses typically include or may choose to include in these agreements.

Three Fundamentals About Marriage And Cohabitation Agreements

A marriage or cohabitation agreement is a contract entered into before or during a spousal relationship. They're like an advance plan designed to minimize potential disputes in the event that the relationship eventually ends. They typically outline expectations regarding financial issues, but may also include matters related to children. Our post this week looks at three factors you should know about the fundamental nature of such contracts.

“Spouse” – What It Means And Why It Matters

British Columbia has laws that provide married couples and unmarried spouses with the same rights and responsibilities under many areas of family law. But in order to exercise those rights and responsibilities, it is important to understand exactly what the law considers a “spouse”. Our post this week looks at what the term includes and how the definition can impact you – especially if you are a cohabiting couple.

Helping Your Children Adjust Through A Family Breakdown

During separation or divorce, ex-spouses are forced to turn their attention to numerous life-altering changes. Both parties are struggling to balance priorities and make important decisions. In the process, it can be easy to overlook the emotional needs of the children. Our post this week looks at a few tips to help parents support children as the family adjusts to a new stage in life.

New B.C. Children's Lawyer Office Could Be Operational By Spring 2017

If events play out as planned by the Law Foundation of B.C., then by next April, British Columbia will become the forth province in Canada to have an official office delivering legal services to one of the country's most vulnerable populations - children and youth.