The purpose of spousal support

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on March 10, 2016.

When a relationship comes to an end in some cases it may be possible for one party to the relationship to secure spousal support from the other. Because every situation is different it will not be automatically awarded. There are certain objectives that spousal support is designed to meet. In British Columbia, this is true regardless of whether the couple splitting was married or involved in a common-law relationship of several years.

The first purpose of spousal support is to provide support to a party to the relationship who is not financially self-sufficient. These payments could help for a limited amount of time while that individual is taking steps to prepare him or herself to get back into the workforce. This situation could arise when one individual stayed home to care for the children.

Another reason that spousal support might be awarded is to address any economic advantages or disadvantages that exist between the parties to the relationship. This could make things less difficult for a party who does not make as much as the other individual and is experiencing financial difficulty following the split.

When children are a part of the union child support will likely be awarded. Spousal support is also another way to share the financial consequences that arise following the end of a relationship.

Spousal support could be an integral part of moving on after a relationship comes to an end. Accordingly, it is important that care is taken at the time of the split to get what you deserve.

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