Tips On Working Effectively With A Lawyer Through Separation

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on November 4, 2016.

In certain situations, an ex-spouse may require a lawyer’s help to ask the court to set aside a signed separation agreement. This can occur in cases where the separation agreement was negotiated without proper information disclosure or a significant imbalance of power between the spouses. Our post this week outlines a few tips that can help facilitate the process for individual parties as they work with their lawyer.

Get The Right Support From The Correct Source

The lawyer-client relationship often involves engaging in detailed discussions. At times, clients may begin looking to their lawyer for support that moves beyond legal issues. While many lawyers endeavour to be as supportive as possible, keep in mind that legal fees can quickly add up.

Focus the time spent with a lawyer on solving legal issues and, if necessary, seek the help of trained counselors or family support workers to deal with emotional issues. You may also find it helpful to bring a friend with you to your legal appointments – one who can take notes and ask questions on your behalf.

Come Prepared

Optimize your time with the lawyer by preparing in advance of any appointments. Make copies of important documents, draw up a list of questions to ask and note down important dates and timelines relevant to the separation.

Make Sure You Understand

If at any point, you are unclear about something that your lawyer tells you, don’t be afraid to ask for further explanation. It’s important that you be clear on the issues so that you can make informed decisions and take appropriate next steps in your case.

Following the above tips can help you make it easier to manage your case. The lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott are available to advise and support clients through the many issues related to separation and divorce issues.

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