Post-Holiday Trends ‚ January Is High Season For Divorce

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on January 12, 2017.

If recent trends are anything to go by, January will likely be a busy month for families in conflict. During this month, couples who were able to hold their relationship together over the holidays often make the decision to finally file for divorce.

Why January Is A Popular Time

One sociology study conducted last year unexpectedly found evidence to support seasonal trends. While studying how economic instability impacts marital stability in the U.S., researchers noticed that divorce filings surged following the holidays.

They theorized that families may attempt to fortify family bonds during vacation and holiday periods. Yet, when the increased time together ignites long-standing tensions, couples use the New Year to strike out on a fresh course in life.

Key Considerations During Divorce

Couples who are planning to end their relationship have a number of important decisions to make. Some of the most significant include:

  • Property division ‚ deciding whether to split family property and debt 50/50 as the law provides or to arrive at an unequal division through a negotiated agreement
  • Parenting, custody and access ‚ determining who makes key decisions for the children, parental responsibilities for the care of the children and the level of contact children will the parent they don‚Äôt normally live with.
  • Financial support ‚ identifying the financial needs of an ex-spouse and children and determining the responsibilities of each party to assist with those needs.

Making such major, life-altering decisions in a way that is fair and protective of a divorcing party‚ best interests can be challenging. The lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott have many years of experience helping clients navigate the complexities of family law and protect their rights during divorce.

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