Delinquent ex avoids jail, agrees to pay support after divorce

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on April 4, 2017.

A British Columbia courtroom isn’t always the best place to sort out the details of a marriage gone bad. However, sometimes it is necessary to take one’s issues there to have them dealt with effectively. For example, failure to pay support can possibly lead to criminal proceedings. One Hollywood celebrity recently learned this first hand when his ex-wife threatened him with allegations of contempt, after he reneged on a divorce settlement and stopped paying court-ordered spousal support.

In 2005, actor Dean McDermott left his wife, TV chef Mary-Jo Eustace, for actress Tori Spelling. The two have since married, and now have five children together. In March 2017, Eustace took her ex-husband to court, claiming he had not paid any spousal support since July 2016.

McDermott faced a contempt of court charge and possible jail time for his failure to pay the agreed amount. Fortunately, for him, Eustace withdrew her complaint under the condition that her ex pay her a portion of the amount owing, which he did. They were able to reach a new agreement outside of court, and established a mutually acceptable payment plan for the revised settlement amount.

Most people would rather avoid the unpleasant business of taking legal action to enforce a settlement agreement. Unfortunately, there are times when it cannot be avoided. No matter what the family law issue may be, an experienced British Columbia lawyer can help an individual through every aspect of his or her divorce, such as spousal support issues, including reaching settlements and ensuring they are adhered to.

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