Collaborative law offers peaceful alternative to litigation

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Collaborative Law on June 23, 2017.

Just because your marriage is ending does not mean you and your spouse hate each other. In fact, you may have every intention of remaining on good terms, especially if you have children together. One thing that has the potential to destroy that positive relationship is litigation. This is why many divorcing couples in British Columbia are turning to collaborative law as a more dignified way to end their marriages.

The collaborative process is a group effort to arrive at agreeable terms with less stress than traditional divorce. You and your spouse will each retain legal counsel, and the four of you will meet to discuss and resolve crucial issues, such as property division, child custody and spousal support. To ensure you and your spouse have the best opportunity to make positive choices for your family, other professionals may join the discussion, such as financial experts, child specialists or divorce coaches.

Because of the cooperative nature of collaborative divorce, couples often find they have more control of decisions, which can make for a more satisfying resolution. Collaboration is often less emotionally draining than a courtroom litigation, where delicate decisions about your children and belongings are left in the hands of the court. A further benefit of collaborative law is that the decisions you reach with your spouse may work well for the long run and require fewer trips back to court for modification.

Beginning a new life after divorce is difficult enough without bringing along the bitter repercussions of a contentious court battle. The lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott are dedicated to helping you complete your divorce through collaborative law, if it is a suitable process for your situation. By contacting them at their British Columbia offices, you can obtain help in determining the best options for your divorce.

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