Teachers can help children get through their parents’ divorce

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on July 11, 2017.

The family unit can be severely affected by parental separation of any kind. The often final separation of divorce is not only hard on a couple but on their children as well. In British Columbia, kids spend much of their days in the classroom, so teachers can help ease the raw emotions children are often faced with when their parents are divorcing.

Whether teachers realize it or not, they are important people in the lives of the children they teach. Most children trust, love and respect their teachers. Children are likely to talk to them about important issues in their lives such as the divorce of their parents. Teachers can provide structure and consistency when much of this is falling apart at home. Children like routine, and during divorce, they may look to their school lives to provide such consistency. Teachers can provide this and set boundaries for the child at the same time.

Reinforcing and affirming a child’s strength is also important when a child’s parents are divorcing. Teachers can do this with positive feedback for a job well done. Positive reinforcement builds leadership skills and confidence.

When a child’s parents are divorcing, he or she may start to act out or become withdrawn. Children may actually try to hide their feelings of sadness and/or anger leading to stress or disruptive behaviour. A teacher can let the student know it’s all right to talk to them about what they’re feeling and try to help the child deal with emotions or find proper resources to help the child.

A teacher’s impact can also move out of the classroom by encouraging parents to focus on what’s best for their child and by talking to parents regularly about how their child is doing — about how their child is coping and whether there are any concerns. During a divorce, parents and their children are experiencing an incredibly stressful time. The understanding, support and encouragement from a child’s teacher can truly make a monumental difference.

Divorce is tough both on the couple and their children. But by ending the marriage in a civilized manner, parents can make a difficult situation easier for themselves and or their children. A British Columbia lawyer with extensive knowledge of divorce and family law can help end a marriage in the least traumatic way possible.

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