B.C. divorce mediation: Bringing dignity into the divorce process

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce Mediation on September 28, 2017.

When it comes to volatility, there is probably no other situation fraught with such high-intensity emotion than divorce. Those emotions can be diffused amongst divorcing couples in British Columbia through divorce mediation, which can bring back the dignity into a sometimes otherwise undignified situation. There are many ways a divorcing couple today can lessen the stress between them and for their children and other family members.

Divorce mediation can introduce services and information that can aid in co-parenting and co-existing as separate individuals yet with a strong familial bond. Services exist today like divorce doulas — those who help in the divorce process as birthing doulas help in the birthing process. There are even ways a separating or divorcing couple can time-share the family home. Divorce has changed radically over the years.

The divorce mediation process always puts children first. When parents view their divorce with their children’s best interests at heart, it may help them to act with grace and dignity during the separation process. Mediation can help with this. Mediation can fashion a plan that helps a couple’s children as well as the separating couple.

Legions of exes are choosing to split up amicably and with dignity. They choose not to badmouth each other in front of their children regardless of the reasons behind the separation or divorce. Divorce mediation can show the individuals involved in the breakup that they may be better former spouses than spouses.

British Columbia couples facing separation or divorce may fare well with the aid of divorce mediation. Seeking out a British Columbia lawyer experienced in family law may help to lessen the stress associated with divorce. A compassionate lawyer may also be able to point his or her clients in the direction of other services such as counselling.

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