B.C. family law: Shared custody helps young children

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on October 4, 2017.

One of the most important things for children whose parents are going through a divorce is letting them know everything will be all right. Family law in British Columbia always takes into consideration the best interests of any children involved in the proceedings. Some young children don’t do well with change, and a change in their family dynamic may cause them undue stress and anxiety.

A recent study out of Sweden shows that the situation that is the best for the mental health of children of divorce is having both their parents share in custodial duties. The paper showed that preschool kids who spend equal time with both parents in their respective homes experienced fewer psychological issues than the kids where one parent had custody. In fact, the study showed that those children whose parents had divorced, but who shared custody, were on equal footing with those whose parents were still together.

Apparently, the situation is not only healthy for the children, but for the ex-spouses too. It seems, with the help of the other in parenting, each individual is able to balance work and parenting with less stress. Shared custody also apparently leads to better parenting overall. Having equal time with both parents promotes the child’s well-being and development.

Divorce does not have to create undue angst in the lives of the former couple’s children. A British Columbia lawyer experienced in family law can help his or her clients fashion a parenting plan that puts the welfare of children first. A compassionate lawyer will be able to guide his or her clients in the legalities of child custody issues in Alberta.

Source: huffingtonpost.com, “If You Want To Help Young Kids After Divorce, Share Custody Of Them: Study“, Rebecca Zamon, Sept. 11, 2017

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