B.C. divorce: The legalities of digital spying on a spouse

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on October 12, 2017.

The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced. With the advent of every new gadget and website comes the potential for increased curiosity about what a former spouse may be up to after the divorce. With a quick log-in, British Columbia residents might be able to access that information on various social media pages like Facebook. But, what, if any, are the legal ramifications?

If someone’s privacy settings are set to public on such social media pages, information on those pages is of public record. However, if someone uses recording and tracking technology to spy on people, that will likely pose a problem. As people become more technologically inclined, curiosity may lead them to hack into personal email accounts. Other devices are available like GPS tracking and spyware which can intercept emails. These are practices that could go against privacy and criminal rules.

There are legal channels to use when trying to obtain information on a former spouse. Hiring a private investigator or obtaining a credit bureau report are a couple of ways. If the information someone is looking for pertains to children, they can be interviewed by a legal advocate.

When it comes to issues surrounding divorce, getting the guidance of a British Columbia lawyer experienced in family law may help one to make the right decisions when it comes to getting information about and from an ex-spouse. A lawyer can answer all questions regarding the legalities of divorce and ensure his or her clients are aware of the possible ramifications of their actions. If a client has any questions regarding the divorce process, a lawyer is in a position to answer them with the laws in mind.

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