Family law in Canada: Who to talk to before deciding to divorce

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on January 9, 2018.

Making the decision to divorce is a life-altering one and one the majority of married couples do not make without careful thought. There are tools in place under family law in Canada to help with the divorce process, but there are some pertinent questions a couple should ask some experts before making a final decision to split. Getting advice that helps will make moving forward either way much less stressful.

Getting help from a therapist or a personal counsellor might be a wise idea, especially if the decision to divorce has already been made. A therapist may be able to help those going through a tough time. If a decision hasn’t been made and a couple is indecisive, a marriage counsellor may be able to help with communication, especially if a couple believes their marriage may still be salvageable.

Divorce can be costly and if a couple has been relying on two incomes, one or both might not be able to make a go of it alone financially. Speaking with a financial planner — perhaps one who specializes in divorce scenarios — may be able to offer advice. Speaking with a friend who has been through a divorce could provide insight as to how the single life will look in many respects.

Consulting with a lawyer in Canada who specializes in family law would provide information on assets and possible divorce negotiation or the mediation process. Consulting a lawyer prior to make a decision to divorce is not the same as going through with a separation. It is wise to have as much information regarding the legalities of divorce as possible to move forward logically in an emotionally fraught situation.

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