Many marriages in Canada end in divorce at the start of the year

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on February 6, 2018.

January is the month for new beginnings and, apparently, for endings. The first month of the year seems to be the month when many marriages in Canada come to an end, or at least the month when people think about separating or divorcing. In fact, January has become known as the divorce month.

It seems some couples who have been having difficulties in their marriages don’t want to bring things to a head just around the holidays, but when the presents have been opened, the tree taken down and the decorations put away, many couples who have been thinking about separating take a formal step forward. Even if they’re not ready to dive into divorce head first, they at least start thinking seriously and perhaps planning next steps, in January. Many individuals whose marriages are in trouble, take this month to do some inner reflection and to make some serious, possibly life-changing decisions.

Divorce is hard on a family and there is never the perfect time to spring news on children and extended family members. On the other hand, January finds people still relatively happy from the last month’s celebrations and perhaps the news of an impending divorce may be easier to take — at least for adult relatives. Spouses can begin to negotiate their separation out of court using their separate lawyers in a collaborative format, if the separation is a relatively amicable one.

Whether it’s in January or December, divorce is stressful and enlisting the help of a lawyer experienced in family law may make it less so. A compassionate lawyer in Canada will answer any questions his or her client may have about divorce and what steps should be taken next. A lawyer will have his or her client’s best interests in mind when asked to help in the divorce process.

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