Getting around divorce bullying in Canada

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on February 15, 2018.

The end of a marriage can bring out the worst in people. No couple in Canada ever marries with divorce in mind, but when situations change and life gets tough, some fences can’t be mended. The only recourse for some couples is to separate. But, there may be times when one partner holds a grudge or is angry and he or she may resort to bullying tactics during divorce proceedings. There are ways to handle such behaviour.

One partner likely knows the other’s Achilles Heel and may use it to add salt to any wound. Bullying may come in forms of name calling or outright threats, in which case authorities could become involved. A bully, even an ex, needs to see that such behaviour won’t be tolerated and showing strength of character is one way of doing that. Standing up to negative behaviour will often stop a bully in his or her tracks.

Ignoring the bullying behaviour may be the right thing to do, depending upon the severity of the actions and the personality of the bully. Most often someone who bullies is insecure and when viewing a person in this light, his or her actions may not seem so intimidating. Don’t give in to negative feelings. Try to stay positive in the situation and maintain a level head.

Keeping stock of these incidents may help in the future. The notes can be presented to a divorce lawyer in Canada who my be able to help in the bullying situation. A written record of the bully’s actions may also help if the case ends up before the courts.

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