Family law in Canada: Ironing out child custody issues

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on April 2, 2018.

Fighting over who gets the kids in a divorce situation rarely does anyone any good, and it’s especially stressful for the kids. Battling parents may be able to use the tools provided by family law in Canada to iron contentious issues when it comes to child custody. High conflict parents may do more harm to their children than they realize, including a court order to have the children placed in care.

There are ways to limit the tension and to come to a consensus when it comes to child custody. A peaceful resolution is in the best interests of everyone and may help the mental health of children who are going through the divorce as well. By being cordial and non-accusatory, more can be accomplished. In no way should a child ever be used as a go-between for his or her parents.

Parents should never badmouth each other in the company of their children. Acting prudently and within the law is also a way of minimizing issues. When parents who are divorcing always put the needs of their children first, other things will seem less important.

Child custody issues in Canada may also be minimized by enlisting the help of legal counsel. A lawyer experienced in family law can offer advice on what tools are available under the family law umbrella that could help the client to deal with a difficult former spouse. In addition, a lawyer may also be able to provide the names of professionals who may be able to help such as family counsellors when circumstances warrant.

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