Catching a financial cheater in the divorce process in Canada

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on April 10, 2018.

When separation means having to share certain assets, there may be occasion when one spouse is less than stellar when it comes to being transparent about all earnings or assets. Divorce in Canada can bring out the worst in some people and that includes greediness. So, it may be necessary for one spouse to catch the other spouse who is being dishonest about finances.

Those who have a lot financially at stake may try to find ways of hiding it such as opening out-of-country bank accounts or asking other family members or friends to safekeep the funds for them. The law says couples going through a divorce must completely disclose their finances to each other. Those figures are used to ascertain child and spousal support amounts in many instances.

Such business can be risky since those who try to hide their income usually get caught, especially if the couple has been married for quite some time. One spouse is likely to know that something isn’t right financially when all of a sudden the other claims to be earning a lot less income than in the recent past. The living situation of the person doesn’t change either, which would lead the other to believe there is some dishonesty going on.

Often a family lawyer in Canada may be able to find the truth. If not, a lawyer may be able to provide the names of others who can help like a private investigator or a forensic accountant. A lawyer in Canada will ensure his or her client’s best interests are protected in every step of the divorce process. That may include helping to uncover and assets that may be hidden.

Source:, “How To Catch A Financially Unfaithful Spouse During A Divorce“, Ron Schulman, March 23, 2018

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