Do marriage counsellors ever recommend divorce?

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on May 1, 2018.

Most couples having problems want to try everything to work things out. No one gets married with the idea that the union will end in divorce. But if a British Columbia couple has gone through the gamut of tools in their arsenal to try to work things out and nothing seems to be working, does a therapist ever suggest that perhaps divorce is the answer after all?

Part of a therapist’s job is to facilitate communication between people who are having problems. In an ideal situation, the couple will come to the conclusion on their own about the future of the marriage. Therapists say they don’t like to give direct advice, even if it’s apparent that the couple may be headed for divorce because of either the fighting or lack of communication altogether.

Even if a couple asks directly if they should divorce, most ethical therapists won’t give them an answer because it’s not his or her call to make. What a therapist will do is to ask pointed questions about the relationship that may help the couple draw their own conclusions. In many cases, therapy does help a couple whose marriage is in peril.

The time factor plays greatly into the equation. If a couple has been hurting each other for decades, divorce may be the outcome. In any case, there is help available to couples who do decide their marriage is beyond the saving point. A compassionate lawyer in British Columbia may be able to provide his or her client who decides it’s time to end things with his or her spouse, with the legal information to move forward in that process.

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