The Importance Of Intelligent Co-Parenting

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on May 22, 2018.

When a couple with children is considering divorce, the primary concern is almost always directed at how the kids will handle it. Thanks to Canadian family law, children‚ welfare is a top priority and divorce situations are no exception.

How can parents ensure that their children adjust as well as possible post-divorce? According to one certified facilitator and parenting instructor and co-parenting coach, the solution lies in adopting a new perspective.

Adjusting To A New Normal

As a part of a family unit, parents can work together to support one another in their roles as parents. Being together on a daily basis facilitates the kind of communication and feedback that fosters strong family relationships. Divorced parents are forced to adjust to a new reality, one that has them living separately from their co-parent and unable to participate in the complete child-rearing experience in the same way that they once did.

A key factor in working towards a healthy co-parenting relationship is understanding the change of relationship status. A simple strategy but often difficult to put into practice when navigating the complexities of divorce. Letting go of the spousal relationship and shifting the focus onto a positive co-parenting partnership means handling matters in a way that is rehabilitative and practical.

When emotions run high and a breaking point seems imminent, working alongside an experienced family lawyer can help provide much-needed guidance and support. The benefit of a neutral third party who is skilled in handling complex family situations with a pragmatic and compassionate approach often helps relieve the pressure of a heavy burden.

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