Family law: Some kids’ places off limits after divorce

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on September 13, 2018.

Children are especially vulnerable after their parents divorce. Kids in British Columbia need places where they feel safe and they’re away from the possible angst created by their parents’ divorces. Most often, those places are day cares or schools. Those places are usually havens for children whose parents are involved in divorce proceedings, and when parents bring their family law issues into those settings it can be especially disturbing for their kids.

Arguments that happen between divorced or divorcing spouses in these settings can also put day care providers or teachers in precarious, uncomfortable positions. No one wants to get in the middle of a disagreement between the parents of the children in their care. A classroom is no place to air the personal issues that accompany divorce, including child custody and child support issues.

Parents who lose their cool in these places can be emotionally harming their children. It may make the kids reluctant to go back to day care or to school — places they once felt were neutral places free from parental discord. If they do continue to attend day care or classes, they may act out or display behavioral issues. There must be boundaries in place when it comes to kids’ schools or day care places.

A lawyer may be able to offer British Columbia parents some tools under family law to help them help their children through divorce. When individuals understand the laws that affect divorce and how they pertain to their children, they may be able to rise to the occasion to help their kids adjust. Part of that may be to exert restraint in places that provide comfort for their kids.

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