Can divorce affect British Columbia residents’ careers?

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on October 3, 2018.

There is no denying that life after a marital breakup changes. But, can divorce also affect a British Columbia resident’s professional life as well? Most people work hard in their careers. They aim to excel in their chosen professions, so there are some things that can be done to prevent what is happening in life personally from impeding life professionally.

It’s important that a supervisor or manager be told when an employee is going through something as rough as a divorce. It may affect work performance or the employee may need some time off. A work place may have the resources to help employees in such situations such as providing a counsellor to speak to. Some people who have been ordered to pay child and/or spousal support may think about quitting their jobs entirely in the attempt to lower the amount of support to be ordered. That’s not a wise step.

Divorce can often create havoc when it comes to routine and very often the only place people can find that when going through this difficult time is at work. Employment can provide routine and consistency. That may be something that might help people get through some rough patches.

Divorce is a very personal issue and most people refrain from discussing it, but by telling a supervisor at work or a few trusted colleagues what’s going on, it may help rather than hinder a person’s career. Discussing the details with an experienced British Columbia lawyer may also relieve some of the stress divorce can cause. Knowing the legalities of the divorce process may remove the fear that may spill over into other areas such as the work environment.

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