The wisdom of divorce after years of being separated

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on November 16, 2018.

When a couple has been separated for many years, they may be asking whether it’s a good idea to make the split legal. British Columbia married couples who are thinking about divorce after living apart for years should really look at all the issues involved when making the final cut to their relationship regardless of how many years they’ve been apart. They really have to look at their own situation and what they would be losing.

When a couple divorces, one partner may lose out financially. One spouse could be benefiting from the other’s extended health care benefits, for instance. He or she could also be getting funds from a life insurance dividend or be included in a will. Divorce will likely nullify these things.

A divorce may also affect Canada Pension Plan credits. Checking on this as well before deciding on divorce may be prudent. In some cases the status quo of separation may be the best fit for some couples. Incidentally, a married couple has to have been apart for one of more years before being considered separated in British Columbia. No two couples are in the same situation, and the decision to divorce hinges on many things within the dynamics of the individual relationship.

Of course, if one or both spouses wish to remarry, divorce is the only option. Checking in with a British Columbia lawyer when it comes to divorce can save money and time in the long run. A lawyer will make sure all the paperwork is filed properly and legally. It is best to understand the divorce process properly before making the decision to move forward.

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