Money woes after divorce affects spousal support payments

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on December 27, 2018.

Changes to the income of those who are paying spousal support are reason enough for them to ask for reductions in what they have to pay. When a couple goes through a divorce in British Columbia, it may be that the partner who makes more money may have to pay support to the one who doesn’t make as much or who doesn’t work at all. Recently, there have been rumblings among many who pay support to have the amount lessened when they face financial hardship. It’s important to note that spousal support is distinctly different from child support.

It should be noted that courts in Canada will only entertain lowering spousal support payments if the payor’s financial situation takes a turn for the worse. The court looks at each request on an individual basis, asking common questions such as how long was the couple married? Is there a change in the payor’s employment status or a decrease in wages? Did the payee stay home to care for children instead of working outside the home?

Marriage contracts would solve many of the problems associated with spousal support, some experts say. Once in place and legally binding, it’s difficult to get the contents of such an agreement changed. So, couples know at the outset what they’re in for should they ever separate or divorce.

The documents often associated with marriage or divorce can be complicated. Trying to get them changed can be even more complicated and may need the advice of a British Columbia divorce lawyer. He or she would be able to provide guidance based on a client’s individual case.

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