Family law: Resolving business problems involving family members

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on January 18, 2019.

When family members work together, it can be even more difficult to resolve problematic business issues. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are provisions under family law in British Columbia to help with conflict resolution, even if the dissension might be between those who are related. Running a business with family can unearth possible personal issues that may have been festering for years and, unfortunately, might be spilling over into professional life.

Keeping everyone involved at the centre of the discussion is paramount and there are definitive ways of doing that. The people involved should come to the table wanting to resolve the problem. And the focus should remain on the main issue at hand and not veer off course even if the going gets uncomfortable. It may be that the problem is between people of different ages who have different ways of looking at or doing things.

When participants are aware that they may be processing things in different ways, that might be one hurdle overcome with that realization. Emotions may become volatile, but it’s crucial that each person keeps them in check. It’s hard to sort out problems when people are hollering at or over each other. If things better left unsaid are voiced in the heat of the moment, coming to a resolution could prove unrealistic.

A British Columbia family law lawyer can be the voice of reason in such situations. He or she might be able to assist in helping to resolve issues between family members who own and operate a business together. Having a lawyer mediate at these meetings may make it easier for each person to keep a level head.

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