Family law: Platonic parenting becoming a popular trend

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on March 19, 2019.

Not everyone who wants kids wants to be in a traditional relationship. These days the family unit doesn’t always consist of mom, dad and kids. British Columbia family law rules take that fact into account when it comes to issues like children and platonic parenting, which is gaining in popularity. More men and women are choosing to become parents and to co-parent them while maintaining friendships that aren’t romantic.

This trend has gone even further with some former partners who are not biologically related to their former partners’ children continuing to co-parent their former partners’ children. These are families by choice and apparently, the trend is on the upswing. Those who platonically co-parent children say they very much work as teams and both wanted children without what they say is the difficulty that often accompanies romantic relationships.

Since these parents aren’t linked by marriage or romance, but by friendship, they say it is much easier to put the children’s interests first. Both individuals made the conscious choice to have these children and to parent them together. Since the parental relationship is platonic many of these parents say their relationships are devoid of certain negatives like power struggles, drama or intimidation. 

No matter what a family looks like in British Columbia, parents must understand that their children’s best interests should always come first. For those who have legal questions about how family law can help their family situations, a lawyer is often the best source. A lawyer can provide a client with a number of resources and family law tools to help in parenting efforts.

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