Family law: Judge supports teen’s desire to transition genders

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on April 2, 2019.

A judge recently ruled in favour of a 14-year-old female beginning testosterone injections so she can begin the transition to the male gender, despite the fact the teen’s father isn’t in agreement. The British Columbia judge went a step further in this family law proceeding and ruled that if the youth was referred to by her birth name or gender it would constitute family violence. If the court finds that has occurred, parents could lose custody or access to the child.

The child’s mother is in agreement that the teen should undergo testosterone treatments for gender dysphoria. The child was seen by a number of doctors and psychologists who agree that she/he understands that nature of the treatment, its potential risks and outcomes. The child began identifying as male at the age of 11 and told a school counsellor at the age of 12.

The teen’s doctors told the judge that the child is a transgender boy who was assigned as female at birth and that the child feels like a boy trapped in a girl’s body. A psychologist told the judge that the child wants to get rid of female characteristics and start to look more like a male. The child also tried once to commit suicide — the cause of which was attributed to gender dysphoria.

Gender issues have become increasingly more prevalent in today’s society. There are many legal issues embroiled with these cases. A British Columbia family law lawyer may be able to offer advice to clients whose children are going through this confusing and often difficult and stressful process. Each case is unique and getting a lawyer’s feedback may help parents to do what is best for their children in these cases.

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