Divorce no longer seen as the societal taboo it once was

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on April 26, 2019.

There used to be a time decades ago when no one talked about a couple separating. Those embroiled in a divorce were treated somewhat like social pariahs. Today, however, divorce is seen by many separating couples in British Columbia as a reason to celebrate rather than to hide one’s head in the sand. For the most part, the negatives associated with divorce have vanished.

That doesn’t mean divorce has become easier on those involved, including children. It does mean social ostracization and the taboo surrounding divorce has pretty much come to a screeching halt. In fact, more couples are experiencing what is known as a happy divorce. Some couples are simply realizing they’re better off as friends rather than as romantic partners and move forward as singles again.

Divorced rates increased monumentally during the 20th century with two major divorce revolutions ‚ in the 1960s and 1970s. The divorce rate doubled in five years in Canada after the Divorce Act was amended in 1968. In 1986 it was amended again to remove fault from divorces and to reduce the separation period to one year before a couple would be eligible to divorce. Today, couples are actually celebrating the end of their marriages by holding post-divorce parties and even going on divorce vacations.

A British Columbia lawyer can help a client to experience a so-called happy divorce and to keep things out of the courts. There are many family law tools at a lawyer’s disposal to make the divorce process less stressful. They can include parenting plans and divorce mediation.

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