Divorce comparisons may make the going tougher

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on June 25, 2019.

Couple’s marriages can break down for many reasons. Not all marriages are cut from the same cloth, and the issues that cause some British Columbia couples to divorce may be completely different from those of other couples. Divorces can be as unique as the individuals who are separating, so comparisons may actually not bode well for any couple looking to separate with the least angst possible.

Just because some individuals are miserable after a divorce doesn’t mean all people will be. Some people thrive after getting out of what has been to them an unpleasant marriage for several years. When individuals focus on their own circumstances, rather than what is going on with other couples’ divorces, experts say they’re much better off.

Also, letting go of a marriage means letting go of the personal business of a one-time spouse. What a former partner does in his or her personal life should no longer be a concern. The only time a former spouse needs to be involved is when children are a part of the equation. There is no average divorce, and thinking so may make the divorce process harder.

A British Columbia lawyer may be able to help a client to focus on his or her individual divorce, rather than comparing them to others. By offering sound legal advice, a lawyer may make it easier for a client to concentrate on what is likely to happen in the divorce process. Every divorce situation is different, with many issues coming into play, and a lawyer may be able to help a client to take care of things like writing a co-parenting plan or coming to an agreement with a soon-to-be former partner.

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