Collaborative law offers a peaceful way to divorce

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Collaborative Law on November 7, 2019.

When British Columbia spouses decide to end their marriages, they may be reluctant to begin divorce proceedings. This is often because divorce is traditionally a contentious and stressful time that may become more divisive and bitter as the process evolves. Many more couples are looking at collaborative law as a more peaceful method of ending their marriages.

Collaborative law involves a team of experts who guide the couple in reaching fair and sustainable decisions about the common issues of divorce. Each couple obtains individual legal counsel, who then sign agreements to avoid litigation. In this way, the couple knows their lawyers are working for a collaborative resolution and will not stir up distrust that can lead to the courtroom.

In addition to legal counsel, the couple may invite other experts to advise them as they negotiate. This may include a financial advisor, child welfare expert, divorce coach and others. Through a series of meetings, the couple has the opportunity to work through the issues they can resolve, table the issues they cannot agree upon and salvage their relationship by avoiding a contentious courtroom battle.

Collaborative law is one of several peaceful methods of divorce British Columbia couples can choose from. When considering this alternative method, each spouse is wise to seek the counsel of a lawyer who has experience in collaborative divorce. With a legal advocate who is dedicated to the success of the collaborative process, a spouse has a better opportunity for obtaining a fair and mutually acceptable divorce settlement.

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