January most popular time to make the decision to divorce

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on January 7, 2020.

January is the start of new beginnings, and it could also mean things are coming to an end. Many British Columbia couples — and those all over the country — make the decision to divorce come January; so much so, that many lawyers have dubbed it divorce month. Experts say there are reasons the first month of the year being so popular for marriages coming to an end.

Many couples wait until the holidays are over to formally announce they are getting divorced. They don’t want to put a glitch into the holiday merrymaking. Studies show that most people launch online queries regarding divorce between Jan. 6 to 12. Another notion is that when a couple is already having problems, the stress of the holiday season can actually motivate them to end their marriage.

The beginning of the year is when many people make the decision to make changes in their lives and one of those decisions could mean moving ahead as single, rather than married individuals. The divorce process takes time and some people make the conscious decision that they would like to be divorced by the time summer rolls around. Plus, when children are involved, parents may choose to celebrate the holidays without creating an emotionally traumatic time for their kids.

Whatever time a couple decides to divorce, each might do well seeking independent advice from a British Columbia lawyer. Having knowledge of the process can make it much less intimidating. A lawyer can answer those questions a client might have pertaining to divorce such as custody and support issues and the division of property — issues that may seem daunting.

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