Divorce doesn’t need to ruin your mental health

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on February 20, 2020.

When a married couple decides it’s time to part ways, many aspects of life will be affected. Divorce — although sometimes the only final solution to a rocky marriage — can bring with it more than just financial difficulties. Experts say divorce can also wreak havoc on the mental health of British Columbia couples and their children. Problems that might arise during separation or divorce — like those concerning finances — could roll out into other areas, causing mental stress.

In fact, statistics show that the debt stress often faced by divorcing couples can bring on added worries. Should the home be kept or sold? Who will pay child support and how much? Who will the children spend most of their time with? These are all questions that can’t be sidestepped in divorce and weigh heavily on many people.

Couples who are experiencing mental health challenges due to their divorces are urged by professionals to seek out independent help. Having a support system in place is essential to get through the rough emotional patches that individuals might face. It’s crucial that parents have a grip on their own mental health to be able to help their children to process what is happening.

One of the ways to ease the stress of divorce may be by understanding the legalities that accompany the process. Enlisting the help of an experienced British Columbia lawyer may go a long way to reducing the fear of the unknown. People fear what they don’t understand and a lawyer may be the best person to explain what divorce involves.

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