Family law: Things to think about before a divorce settlement

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Family Law on March 3, 2020.

Once a couple has made the decision to end their marriage, they may want everything to be settled as quickly as possible. There are rules under family law in British Columbia that must be followed, however, rushing into a settlement without thought of the future may be a mistake. Many people focus on the present rather than thinking about what kinds of lives they want in the future, so taking time to think about that during the divorce process is very important.

Ideally, a divorcing couple will want to agree on a settlement that meets the needs of the present, while keeping the future in mind and providing for any children as they move into adulthood. Each spouse will want to ensure his and her financial security moving into the future as single individuals. Thought should also be given, experts suggest, about the former couple always having a connection if children came from the marriage.

Divorce specialists exist in Canada to help a divorcing couple to assess issues that may accompany divorce such as spousal and child support payments currently and moving into the future. Family life specialists also exist to help divorcing parents with co-parenting plans that provide for every aspect of their children’s lives. They may also be able to help people to cope with their new realities — both on an individual and familial level.

Family law lawyers in British Columbia may also be able to help a client by offering suggestions on where to obtain further help to get through a divorce. A lawyer may also be able to advocate for the client to help achieve an agreeable divorce settlement at a pace that is comfortable for the client. A lawyer will focus on ensuring that such a settlement looks to a client’s present and long-term interests.

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