What will getting a divorce in British Columbia cost you?

On behalf of Peterson Stark Scott posted in Divorce on April 22, 2020.

When a couple is having marital issues and they’re considering ending their union, there are a number of things to consider. A divorce in British Columbia can be costly, so each person should weigh the options before a final decision is made and one point to consider is whether it’s more costly to stay together or to separate. In any case, if a couple does decide to part ways, doing so amicably is much less financially taxing.

Litigation is expensive and keeping a divorce out of the court system is a goal to which both spouses should aspire. The average cost for a contested divorce is more than $13,000, not to mention the fact that going to take takes away any control a couple has over what happens regarding a number of very important things like division of assets, child custody and/or child support. Getting divorce usually also means less income and paying more taxes individually.

Agreeing on as many points as possible is the way to navigate divorce with not only less stress, but less potential negative consequences. Figuring out the logistics is paramount to keep things from getting overly complicated. But there are still some things individuals may need help with legally and for which answers might be found from an experienced lawyer.

British Columbia couples having marital issues must make the decision whether divorce is an option for them. Seeking independent legal counsel is almost always necessary. A lawyer may be able to sit with a client, review the situation and offer some compassionate advice. Divorce doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when one is educated on the process.  

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