Commercial Leases

Negotiating a Commercial Lease of Business PremisesLawyer John B Peterson

Many of our business clients lease their business premises rather than own the lands/buildings. After the long-term bank financing, the premises lease usually is the largest financial commitment that a company must assume in order to conduct its business operations. Careful attention to the terms of the commercial lease agreement is critical for a business's success, particularly when it comes to lease terms such as the restrictions on assignment of lease, the ability for the tenant to encumber the lease or its other assets, the existence of "demolition" or "redevelopment" clauses that allow the landlord to terminate the lease, and the option to renew the term of the lease so that the business can ensure a long-term tenure in its chosen business premises.

We have read and revised a lot of leases at Peterson Stark Scott, and we can help a business owner seek a commercial lease that allows them to do business and eventually sell a business.

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