Corporate Reorganization and Governance

The business law and real estate lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott routinely work with business clients and their accountants to ensure that the current corporate structure of a business provides the most flexibility and efficiency for compensating shareholders and minimizing income tax. We regularly provide dividends for ongoing corporate dividends paid to shareholders. We also are able to assist the business client and its accountants with more involved corporate reorganizations, including amalgamations, windups, "estate freezes," "rollovers," and other corporate manoeuvres.

It is also necessary to ensure that the simple and basic steps of corporate record-keeping are completed each fiscal year so the corporation remains in good standing with the Registrar of Companies and can issue accurate and complete financial statements of the company for its owners and its bankers. Peterson Stark Scott acts as registered/records office for over 400 companies, including both provincial and federal corporations. Our desire is to keep corporate records up-to-date and complete at an efficient cost to the business owner.

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