Navigating Clients through Construction Disputes

Construction projects can be fraught with problems of all kinds — from permit delays and under-budgeting to materials shortages and lack of skilled labour. But when the issues involve disputes between the stakeholders, finding a speedy and effective resolution can minimize potential loss and keep the project moving forward.

Since 1970, Peterson Stark Scott has been successfully representing homeowners, builders and subcontractors through construction disputes in Surrey and the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. We understand what our clients have at stake and work strategically to gain a workable, cost-effective outcome.

Assessing Contractual Obligations in Construction Disputes

Many construction disputes involve claims by subcontractors, contractors or material suppliers seeking outstanding payment for work completed. Landowners may fail to pay, or they may deliberately withhold payment due to dissatisfaction over the work delivered.

Both contractors and landowners need to be aware of their obligations under the law and the terms of the construction agreement. Where there is disagreement or lack of clarity, our lawyers can scrutinize and interpret the contractual terms of the parties in such areas as:

  • Scope of work
  • Performance requirements
  • Payments and timelines
  • Dispute resolution methods
  • Termination

Our lawyers provide straightforward advice to help clients make informed decisions. We can identify possible remedies, along with the benefits, costs and risks of each. Our role is to provide solid advice to remove impediments and keep the project in motion through to completion.

Solid Legal Guidance Through The Construction Liens Process

For contractors who are owed an outstanding payment, our lawyers can file a lien on their behalf. It is crucial to consult an experienced lawyer to properly file and enforce a lien. Backed by years of experience, we help our clients avoid delays by ensuring compliance with legal requirements and deadlines.

Consult with our Lawyers

Our lawyers are ready to discuss your construction dispute and provide you with options. To arrange an appointment, email us or call 604-634-2308 or 800-675-2419 toll-free.