Contractual Disputes — Timely, Effective, Cost-Efficient Solutions

Contracts are among the most fundamental legal tools in business. When disputes arise over the rights and obligations of the signing parties, much can hang in the balance. Without sound legal advice to navigate the conflict, a business can quickly lose time, expenses and efficiency.

At Peterson Stark Scott, our lawyers have been successfully resolving business disputes throughout Surrey, British Columbia for over 40 years. Our role is to end disputes in a way that makes good business sense and allows our clients to move forward effectively with their overall objectives.

Legal Insight and Skill to Resolve Contract Disputes

Every contract is different, and every dispute has its own dynamic. Disagreements can surface unexpectedly, and when they do, parties can easily head down an inefficient path that prolongs the process.

Peterson Stark Scott provides frank, realistic legal advice aimed at gaining an optimal result. After decades of practice, we are skilled in helping our clients:

  • Identify crucial facts and events that led to the dispute
  • Clarify the real issues in dispute
  • Analyze and interpret the rights and obligations contained in the contract terms
  • Realistically assess our client's legal position
  • Find a range of workable options
  • Skillfully negotiate a resolution

Out-Of-Court Resolutions Where Possible. Litigation Where Necessary.

Our lawyers provide assistance in a wide range of contractual disputes, including:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Agreements of purchase and sale
  • Commercial leasing agreements
  • Construction liens
  • Employment contracts

Most contractual disputes can be resolved effectively out of court with a well-planned course of action. Such alternative dispute resolutions methods save our clients time, expense and the increased risk of an uncertain result. Yet, if a dispute escalates, our lawyers are fully prepared to present the case in court in vigorous pursuit of our clients' interests.

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