Expropriation of Land for Highways and Government Projects

The development of new highways and government projects often requires the government to acquire land that is privately owned by citizens. This process is called expropriation and can have significant impacts on the lives of property owners. It is essential that land owners have strong legal guidance and a solid understanding of their rights in order to protect their interests and receive adequate compensation for their land.

Protecting of Your Legal Rights

The first contact a property owner receives from the government may be a knock on the door or a phone call from the highway authority. The government will often try to reach an agreement on a price to be paid for the land, but has the authority to expropriate land even if the owner does not consent. This process can be bewildering for the property owner and result in serious consequences for a land owner's property, business and financial interests. Land owners should be ready assert their rights and take proper legal action where necessary.

Your Right to Compensation

Property owners have a legal right to be compensated for the market value of their property, as well as such things as legal fees, relocation costs, impacts on business and a reduction in value of any remaining property. Owners also have the right to receive an advance payment before giving up possession of the land. Where property owners do not agree with the compensation offered by the government, the land owner can apply to the BC Supreme Court for a determination of the amount due. During negotiations and before agreeing to a deal, land owners should be aware of their rights under expropriation law and the various forms of compensation they can demand.

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