The Benefits of BC Supreme Court

Why Choose the Supreme Court?

Suing in the BC Supreme Court allows access to legal remedies and procedures that are not available in Small Claims Court. These processes may be necessary to effectively assert your rights and provide you with the proper solution to your legal problem. Our Surrey trial lawyers recommend suing in the Supreme Court in circumstances where clients' unique goals and objectives cannot be reached in Small Claims.

Procedure Tailored to Your Objectives

Where the strength of your case rests on acquiring an admission or evidence in the hands of the defendant, the procedures of the Supreme Court may be necessary to your success. The Supreme Court has expanded discovery processes, which increases access to information in the possession of the defendant. Similarly, other pretrial mechanisms provide you with tools that aren't available in Small Claims Court, such as injunctions to freeze the assets of the defendant or require a defendant to refrain from taking a particular action that would jeopardize your position. Your decision to sue in the Supreme Court will be shaped by the nature of the solution you seek and the circumstances of your case.

Increased Monetary Award

There is no monetary limit to claims made in the Supreme Court, and clients have the ability to claim costs expended in bringing the court action. These costs are generally not available in Small Claims Court and have the potential to increase your award at trial. In many circumstances, it is possible to achieve a quick resolution of your case while continuing to benefit from the availability of a higher court award. Mechanisms such as Summary Trial and Fast Track litigation allow clients the same streamlined benefits of Small Claims Court while maintaining access to an award over $25,000.

Client-Oriented Success

The trial lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott develop intricate knowledge our clients' situation in order to recommend the proper action for their case. For over 40 years, we have helped countless clients achieve success tailored to their specific objectives. Choosing the proper court and procedure allows you access to mechanisms that are integral to your success and increase the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

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