The Benefits of Small Claims Court

Why Choose Small Claims?

Small Claims Court is designed to bring speedy, inexpensive and simple resolutions to claims under $25,000. Trials and settlements are often reached much sooner than in Supreme Court, allowing clients to reduce the time, money and stress spent on litigation. Our Surrey trial lawyers recommend Small Claims as an option which can lead to quick and efficient results.

Reduced Time and Expense

The simplicity of the Small Claims process allows clients and lawyers to greatly reduce the time spent on disputes, resulting in lower legal fees and less disruption to a client's life. Lengthier processes in the Supreme Court, such as expanded discovery and interlocutory applications, have the potential to delay and increase the cost of resolving a matter. Relaxed rules in Small Claims Court move the trial process forward to a timely result.

Increased Predictability

The streamlined Small Claims process increases the predictability of legal steps allowing lawyers to give clients a more accurate estimation of legal fees and outcomes. There is far less scope for unreasonable tactics of opposing parties to delay the process and increase the cost of going to trial. Our attorneys will give you a realistic and forthright assessment of the length and expense of trial and the likelihood of success.

Increased Client Involvement

The possibility also exists for lawyers to increase the involvement of clients in Small Claims Court, if they so choose. Through limited retainer agreements, lawyers can provide specific services aimed at preparing clients to argue the matter themselves. The Small Claims rules are meant to be accessible and understandable to nonlawyers. In the right situation, increasing the role of the client can reduce legal fees and give clients the opportunity to represent themselves in court.

Tell Us about Your Legal Issue

Simply put, bringing an action in Small Claims Court means cheaper bills for clients, less involvement of lawyers and a quicker resolution of your dispute. To discuss whether Small Claims Court is the right venue for your legal dispute, call the trial lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott at 604-588-9321 or 1-800-555-3288, or contact our lawyers online.