Civil Disputes

Expertise, Cost-Effective Results and Timely Solutions

Peterson Stark Scott has protected the legal position of its clients in Surrey and the Fraser Valley for over 40 years, developing a reputation as a strong ally for businesses and people with serious legal concerns. We provide our clients with expertise, cost-effective results and timely solutions. Our client-centric approach allows us to develop intricate knowledge of our clients' personal and business goals in order to construct a solution that works best for them.

Peterson Stark Scott does not provide assistance for civil disputes regarding Landlord/Tenant matters or Small Claims Court Matters.

Our Surrey trial lawyers have helped thousands of clients achieve successful solutions to their legal problems through litigation and settlement in areas, including:

Established History And Long-Term Client Relationships

We have established long-lasting client relationships and seen the evolution of our clients' businesses, families and estates. Our clients know they can count on us to protect their rights and quash disputes as they arise.

Our clients expect and receive frank, forthright and realistic analysis of their legal position. A variety of factors can inform the correct outcome for a client, including the appropriate court in which to bring your claim, and the desire to minimize legal costs and achieve a quick solution. Litigation has the potential to be expensive, time-consuming and uncertain. The cheapest and quickest way of achieving your results does not always mean going to court. Legal fees, energy and time can be reduced through out-of court methods of resolving your problems, such as settlement negotiations or mediation. Our lawyers address your specific goals and form a plan of action based on your desired outcomes. Whatever the strategy used, our clients are assured that their best-interests are protected by a team of experienced and highly qualified lawyers.

Using Modern Developments to Advance Your Interests

Over many years, we have been a part of the growth of Surrey and the lower mainland, and developed an intimate knowledge of our community and the concerns of this rapidly growing area. Our lawyers are committed to staying at the forefront of legal and economic developments to ensure our clients are given the latest opportunities to advance their interests and achieve their goals. We have helped our clients achieve success by minimizing the time, money and stress of dealing with legal problems. With our lawyers on your side, you will be able to return your focus to your business and personal goals with the knowledge that your matter is being handled by highly qualified experts.

To speak with an experienced trial lawyer about achieving a solution to your legal dispute, call our firm at 604-588-9321 or 1-800-555-3288, or schedule a consultation online.