Spouses as Beneficiaries

Addressing Concerns Unique to Spouses

Spouses of a will-maker or deceased have unique concerns as beneficiaries. Peterson Stark Scott helps spouses address the practicalities of inheriting and deal with unique inheritance-related problems with a view to protecting their rights under estates law.

The law in British Columbia gives spouses of both marriage and common-law relationships legal rights of inheritance in the estate of their deceased spouses. These rights extend to spouses in common-law relationships, same-sex partners, husbands and wives. Where the deceased has not adequately provided for a spouse or common-law partner, the law may allow for an increased inheritance that is more in keeping with his or her rights at law.

Spouses may be concerned with the effect of other persons or family members stealing or illegally disposing of the funds or assets of the deceased. Our estates lawyers advise clients on their legal rights and options to protect and prevent a decrease in their inheritance.

Events such as separation and new marriage will have an effect on inheritance rights. Spouses may be concerned with whether an ex-wife or ex-husband can inherit the estate, or the validity of gifts given to ex-spouses in a will.

All of these situations require a detailed look at the unique circumstances of the case by an experienced estates lawyer. The lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott have helped spouse beneficiaries in Surrey and the lower mainland navigate these concerns for over 40 years. With decades of estates law experience, Peterson Stark Scott is well-equipped to help you assess your inheritance rights as a spouse and take action to protect the assets of the estate and your rights under estates law.

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