Beneficiaries who inherit under a will or through the operation of law need legal advice and representation in a variety of circumstances. For over 40 years, Peterson Stark Scott has addressed the serious concerns of beneficiaries and provided legal advice and advocacy where it is needed.

Family members may not have been adequately provided for under a will or cut out of the will completely. Common-law spouses, same-sex partners, wives, husbands and children should all be aware of their rights to inheritance. In certain situations, the law gives spouses and children of the deceased a right to an increased inheritance, even where they are completely disinherited. Our lawyers are skilled at dealing with these situations through bringing or defending wills variation claims aimed at providing beneficiaries an increased inheritance.

Beneficiaries may also be concerned with the effect of other persons stealing or illegally disposing of the funds or assets of the deceased. Family members and beneficiaries should be aware of their legal rights to protect and prevent a decrease in their inheritance.

Disputes may also arise with the executor of the estate regarding sufficient accounting to the beneficiaries as to the realization of estate assets, timely distribution of inheritance and satisfaction of income tax and other liabilities of the estate. There are legal options available to beneficiaries to ensure the prudent administration of an estate, such as requiring a formal passing of accounts in the BC Supreme Court. Where executor's fees are in dispute, the court can also set a fee that is in keeping with size of the estate and magnitude of responsibility.

Potential beneficiaries and family members may also be concerned about the validity of a will, especially where suspicious circumstances surround its signing. A will made through pressure or coercion is legally invalid and beneficiaries may seek to protect the true wishes of the deceased. Mental incapacity from dementia, Alzheimer's and delusions can also compromise the validity of a will, and beneficiaries should be aware of the potential for court actions to invalidate the will.

Let Our Lawyers Assist You

Our estates lawyers have helped countless beneficiaries navigate the practical aspects of inheriting an estate and deal with claims for increased inheritance or to invalidate a will. To address your concerns as a beneficiary, speak with a highly experience estates lawyer at Peterson Stark Scott at 604-588-9321 or 1-800-555-3288, or book a consultation online.