Estate Litigation and Disputes

British Columbia law is unique in Canada when it comes to estate litigation. In this province, legislation affords litigants greater opportunity to change a will than it does in other parts of the country. As a result, beneficiaries to a will who are dissatisfied with its terms may have legal options.

Because of the law's complexity and the personal nature of an estate dispute, legal advice is an important first step. Lawyers practicing estate litigation at Peterson Stark Scott can provide you with the information and advocacy you require in your individual circumstances.

Options For Will Disputes

Estate litigation does not always mean going to court. Mediation, a private process where both sides attempt to reach a settlement, is an appropriate avenue for many families. Whether you require diligent courtroom advocacy or representation in mediation, our firm has the skill and experience to meet your needs.

Individuals challenge testamentary documents for many reasons. Often, people approach lawyers to receive guidance about how their family's situation fits within the bounds of British Columbia law. Among the common reasons for challenging a will are:

In all cases, learning more about your rights and options following a loved one's passing can help ensure that your estate dispute is concluded fairly and appropriately. Read some of the more common questions about contesting wills.

Guardianship, Trustee And Power Of Attorney Disputes

Estate disputes are not just about wills. Other forms of litigation include disputes over trustee, executor or power of attorney activity. As these individuals are entrusted with carrying out the wishes of the deceased, an incapacitated person or another individual, they are held to a high standard of conduct. Legal action is possible when this standard is not met.

If an individual has not appointed a power of attorney and is under a committeeship (guardianship), family members may face conflict. Peterson Stark Scott can assist and advise you on these kinds of issues and what legal process you may choose to pursue.

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