Powers of Attorney and Health Care Agreements

As people grow older, they may reach a point where they are mentally incapable of making important decisions in their lives. Advanced preparation for mental incapacity is an integral part of planning for your future. Legal instruments can be put in place to ensure that your personal, financial, medical and legal affairs are dealt with by someone you trust. Peterson Stark Scott can help you plan for the event of mental incapacity and ensure you are looked after in your old age.

Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements

Two important instruments can be used to give a trusted person decision-making authority over your affairs: powers of attorney and representation agreements. Which instrument you use will depend on your specific needs and goals.

A power of attorney is used to give a trusted person the ability to look after your financial and legal affairs when you are unable to do so. Our estates lawyers will tailor this document to meet your specific goals, considering such things as whether you wish the power to begin immediately or arise only upon mental incapacity, and whether you wish for the power to include the ability to deal with real estate. The lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott will create the right document to address your unique concerns and help you make an informed decision with regard to the management of your financial and legal affairs.

A representation agreement can be used to plan in advance for future health concerns by appointing a trusted individual as the representative and giving that representative the ability to make medical decisions on your behalf when you are no longer mentally capable to make these decisions for yourself. Some may choose to grant a small amount of authority while others may wish to give the power to deal with more serious issues, such as the decision to withdraw from life support. Operating in Surrey and the lower mainland for over 40 years, Peterson Stark Scott has helped countless people tailor agreements that are specific to their needs.

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