Probate With a Will

Many people in British Columbia are familiar with the term "probate." Indeed, they may have actually undergone the process of probate when a loved one passed away. However, the province's laws changed significantly in March 2014, with new legislation. The Wills, Estates and Succession Act has created new probate rules.

Because of these changes, it is wise to consult a lawyer if you are tasked with probating the will of a loved one. Our lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott in Surrey are proficient in the new law and can advise on how it affects you and your family. As an executor, you may choose to retain us to assist you throughout the probate and estate administration process.

When Probate Is Needed

To probate a will is to have a court declare it legally valid. If your loved one had only assets held jointly, such as a joint tenancy in a property or joint bank accounts, or assets with designated beneficiaries such as Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs), probate may not be necessary. Frequently, probate is required before certain financial institutions will release assets. Our lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott can advise you on whether probate is necessary and, if so, handle the application process.

Probate of the will is only one aspect of an executor's responsibilities. Because estate administration can be complex, relying on a lawyer's advice can save you from administrative difficulties. It can also shield you from personal liability that arises from failing to fulfill your duties.

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