Child Support

When a couple separates, British Columbia courts are concerned with the welfare of the children. Parents are obliged to provide financial support and day-to-day care for children. Child support is usually paid by the parent who spends less time with the children to the parent who spends more time. The amount of support is directly tied to income.

During a divorce, issues surrounding children can be emotional and complicated. At the Surrey firm of Peterson Stark Scott, our lawyers answer child support and custody questions with knowledge and sensitivity. While the law has a great deal to say about family law issues, there is a range of options available for resolution.

Legal Advice for Complex Support Issues

Child support may be paid because of an agreement parents have in place, such as a separation agreement, or because of a court order. The obligation to pay support is not restricted to biological parents. Adoptive parents, stepparents, surrogate mothers, and egg and sperm donors may also be required to contribute.

Because of this legal complexity, it is wise to reach out to our lawyers for legal advice. That way, you can be sure you are meeting your legal responsibilities and doing what is best for your children. The specific amount of support will likely depend on how much money the payer makes and how many children he or she supports.

At Peterson Stark Scott, we will work with you to find an appropriate resolution to all aspects of your divorce or separation. While effective courtroom lawyers, we are also able to help you conclude your affairs in private, through mediation.

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