Child Support and Spousal Support

Support is an important issue to resolve upon relationship breakdown. When spouses separate, there is usually a significant financial impact. If there are children, they have the right to be taken care of financially. Over time, modifications might be sought to account for changed financial circumstances.

Peterson Stark Scott is an established firm in Surrey whose family lawyers are committed to meeting each client's legal needs. We have the experience to advise you on the full range of your legal issues, including your rights and responsibilities to pay or receive support.

Kinds of Support

While child support and alimony (spousal support) are often discussed together, each one has unique legal aspects in British Columbia.

  • Child support is payable as soon as a couple separates. An order or agreement does not need to be in place. Support is based on formal legal guidelines.
  • Spousal support is often a point of negotiation between spouses. Legal guidelines establish whether a spouse is entitled to support, and if so, how much.

Although support is one of the most common issues during separation or divorce, the unique circumstances of your family can be complex. The lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott have the diverse legal knowledge to advise you on issues such as income determination and variation of support agreements and orders. When you trust our family law lawyers, you can be satisfied that you will receive the information you need to make choices for yourself and your children.

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