Divorce is emotionally difficult. For many, it also comes with legal Lawyer Scottie Scottchallenges. While ending a relationship is a highly personal transition, there are unavoidable legal consequences that must be addressed. Regardless of the length of the marriage or whether there were children, it is the role of the courts to grant a divorce.

When your marriage is coming to an end, you can rely on the Surrey firm of Peterson Stark Scott to help guide you through all aspects of your separation. With a multimember legal team with diverse practice experience, we can ensure that your settlement is fair and in the best interests of you and your family.

Issues to Resolve When a Relationship Ends

Ending a marriage requires resolution of the financial and personal aspects of that relationship. Spouses have the option to draft a separation agreement before applying for a divorce. This allows them to create an arrangement on their own terms, without the time and expense of litigation. Among the issues to be settled are:

  • Child custody and guardianship, including parental responsibilities and parenting time. This covers decisions about the child's well-being, his or her day-to-day care.
  • Access, also known as parenting time, relates to time spent with each parent.
  • Contact, specifically designated time for a non-guardian to spend with the child
  • Child support, usually paid by the parent who does not live with the child or who lives with the child for a lesser amount of time
  • Division of property and debt, including the family home, business assets, RRSPs, pensions and debts
  • Spousal support, which may be paid on an ongoing basis or in a lump sum

While you and your spouse may be able to resolve these issues in theory, only a lawyer can advise you on the specific legal results of any agreement. For a separation agreement to be enforceable, a court has to be satisfied that it is fair, both parties provided full financial disclosure and the best interests of the child are reflected. Some payments, such as spousal support, may have tax implications.

Lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott can give you the advice and guidance you need to enter into an agreement that gives you peace of mind.

Going to Court

For some people, negotiation is not possible. It is in their best interests to go to court to settle the terms of their divorce or separation. At Peterson Stark Scott, we offer a number of process options, including assertive courtroom advocacy to advance your legal rights.

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