Cohabitation Agreements

In British Columbia, you do not need to be married to be a spouse. The Family Law Act defines a spouse as someone who is either married or living in a marriage-like relationship for at least two years, or less than that if the spouses have a child. Because of this reality, a cohabitation agreement is a practical option for many couples.

A cohabitation agreement, like a prenup or marriage agreement, sets out the responsibilities of each spouse during the relationship and if it ends. Because of its legal significance, it is best drafted with the advice and guidance of a lawyer. At Peterson Stark Scott in Surrey, we offer a team of legal counsel with in-depth and varied experience, relevant to your unique needs.

Advancing Your Interests

A cohabitation agreement can provide protection and peace of mind when it is fair and enforceable. Full financial disclosure on the part of both spouses is fundamental to achieving an effective agreement. The family lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott can ensure that your interests are advanced and protected.

Cohabitation agreements generally include provisions about how property and debt will be handled during the relationship and upon separation. For example, spouses may agree that certain assets remain the property of one spouse. Other issues, such as spousal support, may also be included. Child custody and parenting time are not part of the agreement.

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