Marriage Agreements

When to make a Marriage Agreement

A marriage agreement, sometimes referred to as prenuptial agreement or "prenup" is made before a couple is married and sometimes after marriage.

There are various reasons to make a Marriage Agreement, including when one or both parties are bringing significant property into the marriage, one party is bringing substantial debt into the marriage or there are children from a previous relationship.

Reasons for making a Marriage Agreement

Marriage Agreements are typically used to confirm the intentions of the parties prior to entering into marriage. That intention could be to protect property being brought into the marriage or to ensure the parties are serious about entering into marriage before one party quits a job or agrees to move away.

The value of having a Marriage Agreement

Marriage Agreements are a contract between the parties that sets out their current and future intentions.

As Marriage Agreements are enforceable by the court and also subject to review by the Court, it is essential that they be prepared properly and with full financial disclosure. A poorly drafted Marriage Agreement can lead to more problems that it was supposed to resolve.

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