Prenuptial Agreements

In British Columbia, prenuptial agreements are called marriage agreements. They can be entered into before a marriage or after. A marriage agreement establishes what each spouse expects during the relationship and if it ends.

A prenup is a legal contract. To ensure that it is drafted to protect you and can be enforced if necessary, legal review is appropriate. Peterson Stark Scott is a Surrey firm with experienced family lawyers who can draft and execute a prenup that works for you.

Elements of a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements are about the respective responsibilities of each spouse during a relationship and if it ends. A marriage agreement becomes effective when the couple chooses — when it is signed, when the couple marries or at another specific date.

Commonly, the agreement will talk about financial responsibilities during the marriage, such as how property and debt will be managed. It also lays out how property will be split if the marriage ends. Because these matters are significant, full financial disclosure is a necessity. This is one reason why legal advice is crucial before a marriage agreement is signed.

A prenup can also discuss care of children, but does not involve issues of parenting time, custody or support in the event of divorce.

Peterson Stark Scott lawyers are experienced not only with family law, but related legal issues such as wills, estates, and business and corporate law. As a result, we have the legal knowledge to handle prenuptial agreements for couples with significant financial assets and all kinds of family dynamics.

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